KOUZU Dairy Farm had been founded by Kunitaro Kouzu in 1887 as the first western style dairy farm with Jerseys. The four owner had changed the farm during about 120 years of history. However, the name and the place had not changed. And also the principle of the farm management had not changed during long history.

 ・The first step from 1887 to 1919 :
    The owner was Kunitarou Kouzu as founder.
The second step from 1919 to 1935 :
    The owner was Ginnosuke Tanaka who was a banker.
The third step from 1935 to 1945 :
    Meiji Dairies Corporation Ltd. had purchased the farm as the status symbol.
The fourth step from 1945 to the present :
    The incorporated foundation had been established by Jirohachi Ishibashi who was a dealer in raw silk in order to manage continuously the traditional farm.

The 120-year history of this dairy farm itself was the history of one grand and continuous practical test case of the mountains dairy in our country.

Consistent management:
Jersey→milk production with high quality→processing→ sale
  Jersey cows produce lots of milk containing high levels of protein and fat. Key point is to find out the merit of such Jersey milk. KOUZU Dairy Farm, the origin of KOUZU dairy products, had started selling butter in the Meiji era, which is sometimes mentioned as the oldest commercial butter brand in Japan. And in the present, we sale ourselves the various products made in KOUZU brand such as butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and so on.